Public Relations team forming to promote social capital

By CCN Manassas — Manassas City Public School (MCPS) Osbourn students are teaming up with education and business leaders to integrate creative tools, technical equipment and marketing skills to form a Public Relations (PR) network.  Talented photographers, videographers, artists, writers, designers and speakers are excited to be the faces and voices of the community.

Theresa Coates Ellis, Tackle Management, a Manassas City business owner, is developing the PR network program and recruiting additional students and leaders for the fall term.  Mike Emanuel, MCPS Graphics instructor, will be volunteering his time and classroom to the network. Additional staff and instructors are jumping in to the project as the school year winds down.

First assignment: Osbourn High School graduation ceremony at Jiffy Lube Live on Monday, June 8 at 7:30 p.m.  The CCN Media Teams have signed up to film and write about the event, plus capture the highlights with photography.  Technical students have been testing equipment while a studio is being prepared.

Future projects will include broadcast, podcasts and multimedia to promote positive messages and images for the community.

CCN Manassas | Community Connection Network emerged as a PR project proposal presented in April to a solid, executed plan this week. Students are owning the network.  They have been busy branding their image, designing a logo, writing slogans and planning an editorial calendar for future events and publishing.

If you plan to go to Osbourn’s graduation, look for the bright orange shirts — this CCN Media Team will be on the move to curate content and network with the community on this big night!

Contact to join the CCN!

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