Dr. Catherine Magouyrk’s inspiring visit to the CCN celebration

Contributing writer: Andrea Lopez | Edited by: Mirna Martinez | Images: CCN Manassas —

On June 15, CCN members had the pleasure to meet with Dr. Catherine Magouyrk, Manassas Public School (MCPS) Superintendent of Schools, Lisa Lewis from MCPS,  Jeff Abt, Executive Director of Support Services, and Noel Wolber, Infinite Printing, at the City Tavern Grille. We discussed the importance of leadership within the community.

First, they congratulated us for our work at Osbourn’s graduation ceremony at the Jiffy Lube Live Stadium on June 8. They told us they were very pleased with the outcome, and our professionalism.

Second, they emphasized the importance of people rising above in the community. They told us that CCN is a wonderful program because it allows students to contribute to the community by sharing important news. They are glad to see that students from Osbourn High School will be able to exercise important leadership skills by participating with CCN.

They also complimented Theresa Coates Ellis and Mike Emanuel for all their hard work in making CCN possible. Laura Coates and Jill Ellis, Osbourn graduates; and Natalie Ellis, U.S. Air Force, were also guests who chatted with CCN members about college and careers in communication.

We are excited for future projects, but so is the community of Manassas. We are honored that they were able to attend our dinner. We are looking forward to projects and collaborating with them in the future.

Contact Theresa Coates Ellis by email CCNmanassas@gmail.com to learn about joining our network — we continue to build our team!

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