Manassas Stroll: Zandra’s and the Visitor Center

Contributing writers: Guiseppe Reategui and Theresa Coates Ellis | Images: CCN Manassas —

Last week, CCN met up in Zandra’s Taqueria, located in Old Town Manassas. Miguel and Alexandra Pires opened the restaurant last year. The historic building has an exposed brick wall and a warm, friendly atmosphere.  Fresh, handcrafted tacos with complimentary tasty chips and salsa were served.

Miguel explained some history about the building — Zandra’s and part of the neighboring business were once one retail building.  An old photo of the building is displayed in city hall.   Both owners are active in the community.  Alexandra is a board member of the Manassas City Public School Education Foundation.

From there, CCN discussed which locations would be great to visit around Manassas to learn about the personality of the city and capture images.  They started off by going to the Manassas train station and stopping in to the Historic Manassas Visitor Center.

Erin Beckman, Visitor Center Manager & Farmer’s Market Coordinator, said that the train station was built in 1914. Brochures with walking and driving tours, flyers and magazines were available to highlight the historic sites and upcoming events. The Banner Art vote for “People Choice,” was in full swing. The Farmer’s Market is open on Thursday and Saturday mornings 7:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  That day the vendors were set up in the Harris Pavilion for local hotel managers to sample local goods and visit City of Manassas sites.

CCN explored many historic buildings and unique spots around Manassas. The day of discovery was packed with amazing images and experiences.

What are your favorite Historic Manassas places to visit?


    • We were so impressed with the enthusiasm of the business owners and organization leaders during our “stroll.” Many more photos will be posted during this summer series promoting the City of Manassas!

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