Future MCPS education plans and leadership highlighted at School Board

Contributing Writer: Andrea Lopez | Images: CCN Manassas —

On June 23, the School Board of the City of Manassas meet in City Hall to discuss the goals of Manassas City Public Schools (MCPS). I represented the Business and Finance Academy in the K-12 Career and Technical Education (CTE) plan as a student of Osbourn High School. I am also a member of Future Business Leaders of America.

The Business and Finance Academy consists of General Business Management, Accounting, Restaurant Food and Beverage, Public Management and Administration, and Marketing Communications. These pathways were created to provide students with the opportunity to explore different career possibilities.

I meet with Lisa Lewis on June 23 from Manassas City Public School and Theresa Coates Ellis, Tackle Management and CCN member at the Manassas City Public Schools Division Office. We went over our scripts to prepare for the evening presentation to give to the School Board Members.

Mike Emanuel, MCPS and CCN member, meet us at City Hall to participate in the presentation. The meeting started with a moment of silence, and the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. Afterwards, the School Board Members made comments, and one comment that stood out to me was made from Ellen M. Purdy, a School Board Member. She spoke about a discussion she had with her son who had graduated from Osbourn High School this year. He said that he would like to see student’s from Osbourn High School learn valuable life skills to prepare them for the real world.

Then we presented our part. The Business Management pathway focuses on developing work –based- learning opportunities. The Accounting pathway will introduce a Dual Enrollment course through Northern Virginia Community College. The Restaurant Food and Beverage pathway plans on implementing Culinary Arts for year 2016-17. Public Management and Administration will be focusing on developing experience for students in leadership, public policies, and resources. Marketing Communications will be adding DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) a career and Technical Education Student Organization.

All these pathways are significant, because they allow students to explore their interests. I think it is phenomenal that the City of Manassas Public Schools provides programs like these. By attending this meeting, I learned that the School Board really does put their students first.

The Manassas City School Board also recognized the Parent and Community Leadership Academy, and the businesses that supported the program.

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