Celebrating America in Old Town Manassas

Contributing Writer: Jose Lopez | Images: CCN —

Celebrate America was held on the 4th of July in Old Town Manassas, Virginia. Although there was rain in the afternoon, it did not stop the determined workers of the event to set up for the patriotic residents of Manassas.

While walking along the Harris Pavilion towards the Manassas Museum, I was filled with excitement and thrill. Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty even joined us! They stood taking pictures with kids and families. To the right of me there was a large rock climbing wall and an assortment of inflatables for the kids and to the left of me there were food stands ranging from funnel cake, to pizza, and even barbecue. The aroma of food surely attracted people because the lines were stretched out to the parking garage. In the parking garage there was a first aid stand ready to help people in case of an emergency. There were also police officers watching over to insure the safety of the people.

Continuing to the Manassas Museum, were people waiting and holding their spots for the firework display. We have one of the largest firework displays in Northern Virginia, so eager families were taking up the spots quickly. Waiting for the fireworks display was nothing to stress over because you could do so many things to pass the time. There were kids tossing a football and others kicking a soccer ball on the lawn of the Museum.

When the fireworks started everyone got quiet to watch in awe and sat close to their family and friends. Looking around I could tell everyone was happy. I felt like I was part of a country where everyone around me was as a whole, where everyone was united, and it made me feel grateful to have independence. Celebrate America, is definitely a great way to spend your 4th of July and I am sure many families agree.

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