Roaring Independence

Contributing Writer: Mirna Martinez | Images: CCN —

The streets of Old Town Manassas were packed on Saturday, July 4th as everyone got together to celebrate Independence Day. American pride was seen everywhere as people wore red, white, and blue. Everyone was having a good time.

Independence Day is a day where we can put aside our differences and celebrate the beautiful country we live in. We can appreciate the history that our country has. We can remember not only the bad times but the good times. Like that one time when you were probably eight years old, running around with your friends holding a sparkler. Or when you were fifteen and stayed up all night eating chips while hearing the loud noise of fireworks in the distance . The point is, we have built memories since we were young in this country. The memories we share in this country — from our childhood to adulthood — are a part of who we are.

Friends and families gathered around to talk, kids were laughing, and the smell of rich cultured food engrossing. There were many activities happening everywhere. Photos were taken and hugs exchanged. Our hands on our chest, looking at the sky as we sang along to the national anthem. The fireworks began; a stream of red, white, and blue lights burst into the sky as the day was coming to an end. And in our heads a voice roared, ” Long live America.”

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