Manassas Stroll: Center for the Arts

Contributing Writer: Andrea Lopez | Images: CCN Manassas —

Every time you go into Manassas there is always a chance to learn something new. Before our stroll through Old Town Manassas, we were unaware of all the history around us.

Our journey began at The Center for the Arts. The Center for the Arts  is very historic because it was first built in 1908 as the Hopkins Candy Factory, where it produced tons of candy each day. It was later closed in 1918 and became the Manassas Feed and Milling Company and later a tire warehouse. The Center for the Arts was founded in 2002, with the goal of providing the community rich entertainment with their art.

Today it still lives up to its goal. When we visited the Center of the Arts, I was amazed by the Impressions and Permutations: New Works from Lily Press art exhibit. I was also surprised when I saw all the events they held, such as the David Kline Band playing August 8, La Unica playing August 22, and the Prince William Community Band playing September 5. All these events are all held in the Harris Pavilion at 6:30pm. Come visit the Center for the Arts — there are so many events for the community.

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