Fox 5 features local restaurant Zandra’s

Contributing Writer: Andrea Lopez | Images: CCN

On July 16, Zandra’s Taqueria was packed with hungry and thirsty customers. The atmosphere was filled with upbeat music, people laughing and talking. It was an exciting afternoon at Zandra’s because Fox 5 was going to feature the restaurant on their segment, “Will you eat there?”

We went to celebrate Zandra’s success and be a part of their segment. We arrived there an hour before Fox 5 came, and learned some background information about Zandra’s. Alexandra is the restaurant owner, her parents were going to name her Zandra, but they decided to named her Alexandra. Alexandra’s mom is from Germany and her dad is Ukraine. Family and friends were there to support the owners.

Alexandra also told us about how she got the opportunity to be featured on Fox 5. Each time Fox features a restaurant, the owners throw a dart on a map to see where the next location will be. After that, the restaurants in that area who want to be featured on Fox 5 have to get enough people post tweets for Fox 5 to come to their restaurant. Alexandra said she lost no motivation, and was persistent. We were so glad to be a part of this exciting moment for the community and Zandra’s restaurant. We had delicious tacos, and were interviewed by Fox 5.

The segment premiers Sunday July 19 at 10:00 p.m. on Fox 5.

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