The importance of a student’s voice in education

Contributing Writer: Shivani Patel | Images: CCN | Edited By: Andrea Lopez —

On July 17th, CCN went to the Manassas City Public Schools Education Foundation (MCPSEF) to take photos of the members. During our visit, we learned that there are many ways for students to voice their opinions about important issues going on in Manassas.

The MCPSEF focuses on providing additional support to students and teachers in Manassas City Public Schools (MCPS). They have fundraisers and offers scholarships to students and grants for teachers.  The board members include companies, organizations, school administrators, community representatives, parents and a school board member.

Pam Sebesky, Manassas City School Board, said that the School Board makes decisions such as changes in school times and can help when a student feels there is a problem in their schools.  We also learned that they have two liaisons, a junior and a senior both from Osbourn High School. These liaisons are important because they are the representatives and voice’s of the students in MCPS.

Although there are liaisons, any student can offer their suggestion to the Manassas City Public School Board or to the Manassas Education Foundation.

Thank you to the 2015-2016 Board of Directors and the new members of the MCPSEF!

Board of Directors:  2015-2016

Executive Committee

President: Zuzana Steen, Micron Technology, Inc.

1st Vice President: Elizabeth S. Via-Gossman, Director of Community Development City of Manassas

2nd Vice President: Jamie McNealy, Invent Now

Secretary: Suzanne Westre Seaberg, MCPS Parent

Treasurer: Mandy Smiedt, EA, Federally Licensed Tax Professional

Executive Director: Amanda Wagner, Manassas City Public Schools

Board Members

Al Radford, Manassas City Public Schools

Aleksander Marthinussen, SySTEMic Solutions at NVCC

Carolyn Abraham, Lockheed Martin

Chantal Claybourne, Minnieland Academy

Dr. Cathy Magouyrk, Manassas City Public Schools

Marci Settle, Keller Williams Realty

Molly Grove, George Mason University

Nancy Lindgren, United Bank

Pam Sebesky, Manassas City Public Schools School Board

Patrick King, Imagine 

Ramunda Young, Northern Virginia Community College

Sarah Lieu, Apple Federal Credit Union

Suzanne Westre Seaberg, MCPS Parent

Theresa Coates Ellis, Tackle Management Corporation

Noel Wolber, Infinite Printing 

Radhika Bajaj, Bookworm Central

Patrick King, Imagine

Jhenny Michalek, Frank’s Auto Service and Repair, Pupuseria Maxwells



“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  – Nelson Mandela

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