Having fun in the City of Manassas!

Contributing Writer: Melianty Yularnis | Video: CCN | Edited By: Andrea Lopez — CCN members gathered together to create a fun and energetic video that expressed our creativity and what we do around Manassas. The video was inspired by the song ‘Ain’t It Fun’ by Paramore. Hearing the song reminded us of all the fun we can simply have in our own community. Even if you’re alone, just take a step outside in your backyard — “Ain’t it fun living in the real world!” The upbeat music brings a smile to your face because the lyrics are simply true. In the making of this video, we traveled around our favorite places in Manassas. Some places like the great Manassas Museum and the playground behind it. We even walked around Old Town and visited our own City Hall. It felt nice to be together at the place we grew up — Manassas. One of the things we did enjoy the most was blowing bubbles and letting our inner child be silly. Everyone was able to bring out their silliness while filming. We believe you can always find something fun to do, even in our small community. Hard work and fun can mix pretty well, and that is what it took to create our video. See? “Ain’t it fun”?

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