Prepping for Fox 5 Live Zip Trip in the City

Contributing Writer: Andrea Lopez | Images: CCN

CCN members Shivani and Andrea will be the junior reporters for Fox 5 Zip Trip segment.

We were referred to be the junior reporters by Patti Prince, who is the public affairs specialist in Manassas. Patti Prince, contacted us through email to see if we were interested and of course we responded yes!

On Thursday July 23, we meet up with Patti Prince at City Hall to go over the event. Our job will be to answer a few questions about the city and share how wonderful it is. Patti Prince also informed us that she was trying to beat Warrenton’s Zip Trip crowd of 300 people and how she was going to use social media to try to reach that goal. It was a good learning experience to be able to see Patti Prince at work, because it allowed us to see how public relations works at a higher level.  

After saying goodbye to Patti Prince we went down to the first floor to check out some of the beautiful art work they had displayed from Visual Expressions. Their goal is lower the effects of stress and slow cognitive decline through what creative endeavors stimulate. We hope one day to see our work being displayed in City Hall.

Special thanks to Patti Prince for allowing us to be the junior reporters, we are extremely excited. The show will be airing live Friday morning from 7-11am, at the Harris Pavilion in Manassas don’t forget to watch!

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