Fox 5 Zip Trip Manassas experience

Contributing Writer: Andrea Lopez | Images CCN —

On Friday morning, July 31, Fox 5 came zipping through to Manassas to feature our beautiful city on their Zip Trip segment. It was an amazing opportunity!

The segment featured important people in our city such as Mayor Hal Parrish and Virginia Senator Charles Colgan. Senator Charles Colgan, was awarded hometown hero. He was surprised and very happy to receive this award. Mayor Hal Parrish was there to talk about Manassas. He described Manassas as being all aspects of life, and how historic it was, yet how modern it has become.

Something else that was very special was the wedding that happened in the Harris Pavilion. It had been 11 years since Fox 5 had featured a wedding in their segment so they were very excited. The bride Ashley Joyce, and groom Tommy Joyce, looked absolutely stunning as well as the Fox 5 crew who also dressed up for the event. The couple was dating for 6 years and were high school sweethearts since their freshman year. Holly Morris, one of the Fox 5 hosts, got a little emotional as the couple said their vows. It was great to see this successful  wedding ceremony after only two weeks of planning!

After the wedding the Fox 5 crew featured local restaurants such as CJ Finz, Okra’s, Carmello’s, and City Square Cafe, but the spotlight was not only on the restaurants, it was also on us!

CCN Team members Shivani Patel and Andrea Lopez were on camera to interview the owners about their restaurants along with the Fox 5 host. It was wonderful to be the junior reporters for the segment and we hope to work with Fox 5 again!  Here is CCN in action:

Fox 5 Live DC Zip Trip featuring CCN Junior Reporters 

If you came to the live show, what was your favorite experience?

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