Steve Klein, Mason Professor Emeritus/Journalist, speaks at Bull Run Rotary

Contributing Writers: Andrea Lopez, Theresa Coates Ellis | Images: CCN —

On August 18, the Bull Run Rotary Club conducted their weekly 7:30 a.m. meeting at the newest location for City Tavern at 9550 Center St. Manassas, Va.  CCN Manassas was invited to attend.

Steve Klein, Professor Emeritus/Journalism at George Mason University was the guest speaker.  Klein discussed his experiences in his different careers. Klein is a mentor, an instructor, a journalist, media consultant, sports content specialist and writing instructor.

His past journalism experiences include a position as an online sports editor for USA Today from 1995 to 1998.  He later transitioned his career to education.  One of the first courses he taught was online journalism.

Klein said to CCN, “It is critical to communicate effectively. It is important to make sure that others understand your thoughts clearly.”

He said to try different platforms to reach a bigger audience. Many people no longer pick up the newspaper since they can access the news from their phones. It is important to understand your audience.

Noel Wobler, Infinite Printing, discussed the Manassas City Public School, Career and Technical Education (CTE) program with Klein.  The CTE Fine Arts / Humanities program may include public relations and journalism as course curriculums at Osbourn High School.

Steve Chapman, President, Bull Run Rotary, thanked Klein for speaking to the members about his careers and the importance of communication in the new age of technology.

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