Manassas Stroll: Respecting the past — Manassas Cemetery

Contributing Writer: Andrea Lopez | Images: CCN —

We visited the Manassas Cemetery. People who made important contributions to the Manassas school system are buried there. We saw the tombstones of Eugenia Osbourn, Fannie Osbourn Metz, and Grace Elizabeth Metz.

The Osbourn sisters were very important to our community because they taught most of the children in Manassas for five decades. Together they opened a private school in 1890. Then, in 1906 they became part of a public school system, and Fannie was the principal of the Manassas High School until her death in 1951. Eugenia became the principal of the Manassas High School after her sister’s death. In 1951, the community honored her by naming the Manassas High School after her.

Metz was also important because she was a fine educator of the Manassas City school system. She was born August 28, 1891, and died on September 26, 1986. They honored her hard work by naming the Manassas City middle school after her.

As a former student of Metz Middle School, and a current student of Osbourn High School I was very interested in this history.

“The cemetery was really fascinating because there were a lot of names that I had heard of before, but I didn’t know they were buried there. The schools were named after people buried there.” – Gilberto

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