Secret stroll in Old Town Manassas

Do you know where we found these spots during our City of Manassas Stroll Series?

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1. Bushes in front of the Manassas Museum
2. Manassas Museum’s Protect Manassas Exhibit
3. Alley next to the Life Church
4. Entrance of the Morias Plaza
5. Manassas Cemetary
6. Underpass on Grant Ave.
7. Church
8. Top of parking garage
9. Love, Charley store
10. Peoples Bank
11. Tot Lot behind Manassas Museum
12  Old Town Manassas Post Office building
13. The side of the Candy Factory
14. Masonic Lodge building
15. Harris Pavilion information center.
16. Rear of Prosperity Books
17. Bike rack at train depot
18. Building across from old the Journal Messenger
19. Clock at Ashby Jewelers
20. Grant Ave. entrance

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