Outstanding Interact Club leaders

Contributing Writer: Andrea Lopez | Images: CCN

Warm breakfast was served at the City Tavern for the Bull Run Rotary Club meeting. The room was filled with twenty people who are active members in the community. Special guest Dr. Magouyrk, and Osbourn High School Interact Club members also attended the meeting.

The meeting started with the traditional happy box going around the room. People made donations to the happy box and shared a special moment that recently made them happy. Afterwards, the club announced future projects such as, the Habitat for Humanity project, and the annual Salvation Army bell ringing. Members of the Rotary were excited to hear from the leaders in Interact Club.

Dan Radtke, president of the youth organization, took the floor to introduce them and then let Laura Mitchell, President of Interact Club take the stage. Laura announced the many upcoming projects and the success of the club. The club has gone a long way since last year when it first started and they now have more than 40 members. The board members said they enjoyed Interact club because it offered many opportunities to help, and make a difference in the community. Laura Mitchell stated, “ If you have the ability to make a difference I think you should.”

Dr. Magouyrk made a comment about the outstanding leadership and thanked the Bull Rotary Club for helping students unleash their leadership skills. The Bull Run Rotary Club showed their appreciation towards Dr. Magouyrk by gifting her with a coffee mug with the Rotary symbol.

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