Rotary and Interact prepare Habitat for Humanity Restore for opening

Contributing Writer: Andrea Lopez | Images: CCN —

Habitat for Humanity is preparing for their new store to open on Hasting Drive Manassas, Virginia. Interact Club teamed up with the Bull Run Rotary Club to help for this exciting event.

Although it was a chilly morning, more than 20 people showed up that day ready to work. With wheelbarrows, shovels, and heavy duty brooms, the Interact Club and Rotary Club swept the main areas outside to clean up.  The job was completed fast. Inside the members regrouped and were then split into different groups. One group was in charge of painting, another group built wooden carts, and the last group removed drain pipes from the ground.

After four hours of continuous work Steve Chapman, President of the Bull Run Rotary Club, arrived with more than five boxes of pizza. Everyone squeezed in the work room to get a bite! Habitat for Humanity is several steps closer to opening — thanks to Interact Club and the Bull Run Rotary Club.

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