The Lounge

Contributing Writer: Jose Lopez | Images: CCN —

The Lounge at Osbourn High School was  a very entertaining and well put together event. Students ran the show by collecting tickets from those who came in, selling delicious baked goods, and performing in the show.

Each student that went up to preform had a chance to showcase their talent. Every song and poem was performed with heart and meaning. For some of the students, it was their first time preforming in front of an audience and they performed really well.

The hosts for the lounge also did an amazing job at decorating the commons area. One of them even preformed a song that took everyone’s breath away. People sang along and sat on the couches set up near the stage. They wrote poems that they could put into the “Poe-Tree”, which was a tree prop set up next to the stage where you could put your poems into. OHS principal, Mrs. Benner also read a couple of poems during the lounge.

Every single song and poem  performed was amazing. Families enjoyed wonderful music from talented students and tasty warm baked goods at OHS. Overall the Lounge was an exciting event filled with creativity everywhere.

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