Christmas Tree Lighting

Contributing Writer: Melianty Yularnis | Images: CCN —

On December 4, 2015, The Merry Old Town Christmas Tree Lighting was held at the Manassas Museum.

In the beginning of the event, many gathered inside the museum to discover different Christmas trees, from big trees to little ones. Many of the little ones were decorated with the amazing ornaments made by children from different elementary schools in Manassas. The outside of the museum looked lively as well as many watched musical performances at the museum’s entrance or gathered around torches to stay warm. Although the night was chilly, the Osbourn Marching Band performed Christmas songs on the lawn to kick off the event with other musicians that followed.

Guests were welcome to socialize and see the performances. Refreshing drinks and treats were offered to all. By the time of the tree lighting, the crowd had grown immensely on the lawn that reached back to the train station’s parking lot.

Before the lighting of the tree, the guest speaker, Ed Asner, the actor who has played Santa many times in movies, made an appearance and gave a great speech that made the audience feel cheerful. Hal Parrish, our city mayor, spoke about the event while getting interrupted by a high-spirited elf, Jessica. Jessica as well as many others were very excited to see Santa. Parrish introduced Mr. and Mrs. Clause on to the stage. Santa then gave the countdown to light the Christmas tree and concluded the amazing event with a joyful song that everyone sang.

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