Interact Club Behind the Scenes

Contributing Writers: Gilberto Martinez, Jose Lopez, Giuseppe Reategui | Images: CCN —

On December 5th, hundreds of people gathered on the streets of Manassas to watch the floats during the 70th Greater Manassas Christmas Parade. But before these great floats were ready to be presented, dozens of hours went into creating them. Here we have pictures from behind the scenes.

Everyday after school, students from Osbourn High School’s Interact Club met in a warehouse to plan, assemble, and decorate their float. At each meeting, a dozen different students attended and dedicated hours of hard work. Each student had a different job; from painting signs, wrapping boxes, and decorating the Christmas tree. When it came to decorating, the volunteers covered the floor of the float with cotton to give the illusion of snow.

Everyone worked cooperatively to achieve their goal. From our time spent there and talking to these students, we noticed everyone had a great time and some students said that they learned essential lessons in leadership and teamwork. Their efforts paid off as their float received a great reception and praise from the people at the parade.

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