New Members Join CCN Manassas!


membersnew members

Contributing Writer: Mirna Martinez | Images: CCN–

Community Connection Network Manassas keeps on expanding as two new members join.  Camille Rivera and Sandra Nolasco-Infante are both in 12th grade at Osbourn High School. They are enthusiasts of photography, art, and community service.

Camille is a sports editor for Osbourn High School‘s yearbook. She loves art, painting, and writing. She would like to give back to the community by helping people as much as she can and dedicating her time to Manassas.

Sandra loves reading, writing, and watching movies. She also enjoys taking a photography class at Osbourn. She plans on giving back to the community by putting in all her effort and time to activities.

We asked them to describe what CCN Manassas is:

Camille said, “CCN Manassas is composed of a group of students with diverse and creative talents. The students attend events around the community, and share their experiences in a creative manner.”

Sandra said, “CCN Manassas is an organization where students report about the ongoing activities that are occurring within our community.”



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