Winter Musical at George C. Round Elementary School

Contributing Writer: Camille Rivera | Images: CCN–

It was a foggy and cold Thursday night. It had been raining all day and soggy leaves covered the sidewalk. I was dropped off at the entrance of George C. Round Elementary School at 6:35 p.m. The front doors were propped open. Walking down the artwork covered hallways, I could not help but feel the nostalgia of my childhood. I followed the posters that led to the auditorium. I could hear the kids singing Frosty the Snowman; their voices resonating down the hall.

I walked into the auditorium. Thirty something kids in their holiday best stood onstage. They were jittery, like all kids are, and they excitedly finished their song. The kids were from the Round Sound Chorus, and they sang songs like “Auld Lang Syne”, and “Joy” among others. Round Sound Chorus finished their set and were met with applause and cheer.

Ten minutes later the curtains opened again. This time a bigger group of kids stood onstage. The Kindergartener students in red, brown, blue, orange and yellow t-shirts with accompanying paper animal headbands, stood, waiting for their cue to start their first song, “Holiday Zoobilee”. Their next song was “Together”, which had the lines, “We can even make beautiful music together”. The set ended with “Holiday Zoobilee,” in which Mr. Baldwin, Round’s principal, made an appearance as the “Zookeeper”.

The “Holiday Zoobilee” was a great twist to traditional holiday shows. The show was put together nicely, and the music was original. A lot of effort was put into this very impressive show and all of the kids did an amazing job.

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