Osbourn High School Science Fair

Contributing Writer: Kathleen Regalado | Images: CCN —

The annual Osbourn High School Science Fair was held February 11th in the OHS Library. Honors Chemistry students presented their researched science projects, with the objective to follow through with the entire process of the scientific method in an appealing poster. Students dressed their sharpest and put on their biggest smiles for this event. Nerves and excitement filled the afternoon air as respected judges critiqued and congratulated participants.

My peers started off by setting up their boards and detailed lab journals in the area of science they chose to explore. Many socialized or perfected their responses before the initial round of judging. All students received a Certificate of Participation in the Science Fair.

It was fun walking around and getting to see such interesting boards and topics such as “The Red Eye Effect” and “Anxiety Associated with Doctor Visits”.

Sina Patel, 11th grader, was on edge, and said, “I don’t know what kind of questions they will ask.”

“I thought it was really interesting seeing all of the different kinds of experiments that other students did,” says 10th grader, Jonathan Peters, “They really inspire me to be more creative and think about the science I experience everyday”.

Huge congratulations to the students who placed in the 2016 Science Fair! First place winners move onto the Regional Science Fair:


1st – Keagan Bell, Enrico Gagarin: The Effect of Heat Conductivity on Peltier Thermoelectric Generators

1st – Julius Hunt, Ty Chang: Electromagnetic Railgun (Series vs. Parallel)

3rd – Neel Patel, Ethan Ford: The Speed of Light

Honorable Mentions: Adam Radwick, David Garcia-Ruiz: Traumatic Brain Injury

Tyana Gamby, Juan Zapata: What Formulation of Toothpaste Has the Best Effect on Whitening Teeth?

Brenny Cabezas, Samantha Contreras: Leidenfrost Effect


1st – Christina Skaggs: Candle Burning Efficiency

2nd – Isabella Dangler: Oscillating Reactions and Antioxidants

Honorable Mention: Stuart Scarton: Heat of Combustion


1st – Madeleine Seputro: The Effect of Truss Bridge Design on Strength

3rd – James Valenzi: Propeller Characteristics

Honorable Mention: Avalan- De Wong: Magnetically Sustained Kinetic Energy Generator


3rd – Ryan Shoeb: Angles and Bridges


Honorable Mention: Jonathan Peters: Breakfast: The Meal That Keeps Giving


Honorable Mention: Gladys Gonzales: Dexter’s Lab


1st – John Ventura: Electrolyte Concentration in Various Liquids

Physics and Astronomy:

3rd – Ambiance Alirezai: Rebound Height on Drums

Honorable Mentions: Patrick Higgins: Breakin’ Clays

Ryan Briscoe: The Seebeck Effect

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