Liberia Plantation Hard Hat Tour

Contributing Writer: Camille Rivera | Images: CCN —

CCN participated in the “Hard Hat Tour” of the Liberia Plantation located on 8601 Portner Ave. in the City of Manassas. 

The tour started with the history of the wall paint. According to Doug Horhota, the program director, the walls of Liberia Plantation had as many as 17 layers of paint since it was first built on 1825. Now the first floor is simply painted white (a recent restoration).

Over the years, new walls and additions were built. Upstairs, graffiti from Civil War soldiers can be seen between the different layers of paint. The yellow paint and the yellow wallpaper are the newest layers. The house has two levels plus an attic and a basement. Along with a detached garage, which is set to be removed soon, there is a cemetery on the east side, which has the Weir family buried in it.

The tour continued into the dining room. Once in that room, the history of the owners were discussed. The 1,000 acre Liberia Plantation was built by the Weir family. The Plantation was the most successful of its time in Prince William County.  

The “Brick House” saw many historic figures within in its walls.

Horhata said, “For the most part, the Confederate high command was here on the evening of July 1., planning in what to do in the aftermath of first Manassas. It means that Early, Jackson, Stuart, Longstreet, and all the rest of the Confederate’s high command have all been inside this house.”

Another major historic figure assumed to have been inside the house was Abraham Lincoln.

The “Hard Hat Tour” at Liberia Plantation was an exciting and enriching experience. The tour emphasizes the importance of Manassas during the Civil War. 

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