Capitol Art Day

Contributing Writer: Andrea Lopez | Images: CCN —

Manassas City Public Schools (MCPS) Art students are a talented group! They were recognized by Virginia Delegate Jackson Miller on Tuesday for creating magnificent artwork that was chosen to be displayed in the General Assembly Building.

To celebrate the student’s success, the MCPS Fine Arts Department went to Richmond  to see the art exhibit. It was special because the student’s parents were also invited to come and show support for their child’s achievements.

When arriving to Richmond, the students entered the Capitol building. Inside they meet with a tour guide who helped them learn about the history of the building. In between the tour, they were given a chance to speak with Miller. He was excited and thanked the students for the artwork.

Afterwards, the tour continued by exploring the different rooms and sections of the Capitol building. The building was beautiful, detailed, and historic. Once the tour finished the students headed to the General Assembly Building. On the 7th floor near Miller’s office the walls were colorful with MCPS students artwork. Teachers, parents and students gazed in awe to see it hanging from the walls.

CCN shared the enthusiasm when we saw 17 of our photographs displayed. It was a nice day spent in Richmond. Special thanks to the Fine Arts Department for letting us be a part of this wonderful Capitol Art Day field trip!

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