Perspectives Art Exhibit

Contributing Writer: Jose Lopez | Images: CCN —

The talented students of Osbourn High School (OHS) displayed their art in the Manassas Museum and the was a reception was held on March 4th. This exhibition “Perspectives”, included many different pieces of art and was held thanks to the teacher of the year nominee Sarah Weaver, who is also the fine arts teacher at OHS.

There were paintings, drawings, photographs, and sculptures which all captivated the true extent of talent in OHS. Many people including OHS students, family members, teachers, and other members of the community came out to see the art. Our mayor Hal Parrish was also there to see the beautiful art.

Classical music played live in the background, which was provided by the OHS chamber orchestra. The wonderful music set the tone for the evening and complemented the art. The proud artists did not only come to see their own artwork in the spotlight but they also supported their peers work. For instance, senior at OHS Bridget Santos drew “Matisse’s Young Sailor 1” in her work study assignment for her art class. When asked what inspired her to draw this she responded, “I just really love Matisse’s work and I could learn something from studying his art.”

I never realized how talented OHS was until visiting this art exhibit. All of the paintings and photos blew my mind away. The dedication of the artists, musicians, teachers, and Manassas Museum staff who put the event together really left imprints on all of those who came to see the art. OHS is full of talent, and that is why I am proud to be a student at Osbourn High School.

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  1. Thanks CCN for always doing a great job bringing the good news of Osbourn into the forefront! We are a hidden gem that is being revealed because of your hard work and constant exposure!!


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