ISCC video presentation at City Hall

Contributing Writer: Andrea Lopez | Images: CCN  —

We were excited to attend the City Council Meeting on Monday March 14th, to present our Inter Service Club Council (ISCC) video. Our presentation was last on the meeting agenda, but we sat the front row to listen about the other important issues going on in Manassas.

When we entered the Council of Chamber’s Dan Radtke Chairman of the Manassas Regional Airport Commission, was giving a presentation on the Manassas Regional Airport. In his presentation he talked about events that happened during the year 2015. He also mentioned the Runway 10K/5K, which is an upcoming event happening at the Manassas Airport. Mr.Radtke concluded his presentation by asking if the council memebers if they had any questions.

Afterwards, the City Manager William Patrick Pate, presented the Manassas City budget plan for next five year. He presented a slideshow that included data about expected cost for the city.

It was then our turn to present our video. CCN went up as a group, and we spoke about our success since May, when our club first started. We started the video and we took a seat. It was nice to see the city council members watching our video because we saw the effect it had on them. The meeting ended and we took a few pictures in the lobby.

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