CCN’s Super Spring Break

Jose’s Trip to DC

My trip to Washington DC was filled with excitement and lots of walking. My family and I decided to go because we hadn’t been to DC in a while. Now was a good time because we had a chance to view the beautiful cherry blossoms. We traveled by Metro and this was my first time ever doing so. The ride was peaceful and a good time for me to read. This was a much better alternative than being stuck in traffic. We arrived in DC and the first thing I took a picture of was the Washington Monument. Although the streets were very crowded, we still enjoyed all of the wonderful sights. We then walked into a small forest of cherry blossoms and everywhere you turned there were people taking pictures and selfies with the famous blossoms. This trip was short but it was a good way to end my spring break.

Andrea Hikes the White Oak Canyon

Exploring and trying new things is my favorite thing to do. This spring break I explored a new hiking trail: White Oak Canyon. I like to hike because I find it relieving, and I think it’s a great way to exercise. My favorite thing about the trail was when I reached the destination, and sat down on the edge to observe the beautiful waterfall.

Stephanie visits the Magic Kingdom

I went to Disney with the fine arts students and it was a wonderful experience. I really enjoyed it. Just seeing the princesses and the rides was awesome, it was an unforgettable trip.

Gilberto accepted to James Madison University

JMU logo

Over spring break I got accepted into my first choice school, James Madison University, and I visited the campus for the first time. I received my acceptance letter on Wednesday and was on campus early in the morning on Saturday. I went on a student-lead tour of the campus, but once it ended I continued exploring on my own. JMU’s campus in incredible. There are so many places that I loved visiting, from Carrier Library to Bridgeforth Stadium, but my favorites have to be the The Quad and the newly renovated UREC facility. From the moment I arrived, everyone there made me feel welcomed. I am very excited to start this new chapter in my life, and JMU is the perfect place for me. #JMU2020

Shivani visits New York City


New York, “the city that never sleeps”, is where I spent my spring break. Central Park(shown in my picture) is where I started my journey across this beautiful city. My journey then led me to Fifth Avenue where fashion was painted throughout the street. My trip took an odd turn when I ended up at the One World Trade Center. Remembering the people that died during the 9/11 terrorist attacks was not all this tower was about. It was about how the city had transformed throughout the years, how the city had become apart of the people, and how the people had made this city a great place to live. This is where my journey ended but it showed me that Manassas is the same way. Manassas is a historic site, where much transformation has occurred. The people in this city have led it to become great and this is the reason Manassas is a great place to live.

Kathleen’s Adventures

This spring break was much needed; it allowed me to release my stress and unwind. Starting off my spring break, I attended the Shamrock run and spent the entire day amongst CCN members and friends. Over the week I took nature walks and hiked in Fountainhead Park with close friends, followed by fishing. As the days dwindled on, I spent my time in a classic warm weather hangout– Manassas’ Nathan’s Ice Cream and went shopping for spring dresses and shorts. During this week I also took on an internship with Manassas’ CASA and learned about it’s importance in supporting children in our community. My week ended by celebrating Easter Sunday with my family at Uncle Julio’s restaurant in Centerville and preparing an Easter egg hunt for my beloved neice and nephew.

Camille’s New Experiences

Thanks to spring pulling through this break, I was able to enjoy myself more than I could have ever thought. I was able to go to my favorite college and attend a tour, learn how to skate (somewhat), and wasn’t shy of going out for ice cream everyday. I truly enjoyed my break, and ended up having the most fun when everything I did was not planned. The best highlight of my break consists of Andrea and I buying cheap boards at Walmart, and skating all day.​

Neel’s Regional Meeting


During Spring Break I took a trip to New York. I went there for a Regional Meeting. The meeting was to plan for a huge religious event in this upcoming Summer that will include around a total of 4-6 thousands people. The meeting included around 150 people in it. The meeting lasted 3 days and was held in a huge mansion with an indoor pool and a game room. The house was located in the mountains, so there was not that good of internet. We went on a 5 mile hiking trip so that we could interact with and get to know the people we were working with. In this picture I am with a group of people that I am working with to plan out this huge event.

Making Memories with Melianty

Nature is one of my favorite things to explore. Even more, being able to spend the break with family and friends was the best. Especially on a perfect day of hiking with my buddies with a nice hike in the wild. Chilling over a creek to take a deep breathe of fresh air, snacking on breaks, laughing at everyone’s silliness and random behavior, and thinking about how great it is to enjoy small moments like this. It makes me hope I can make more memories similar to these where I can relax with everyone in the beautiful nature.

Campfire Laughter with Sandra

During spring break, it was a great opportunity to read new books, but even bookworms like myself need to try to make their own memories by trying something new. The memory that I created was going camping with a couple of close friends. While the stars were still up, we were on our way to make a pit stop at Skyline Drive to see the sun rise. When we finally arrived at Skyline Drive, I was amazed to see snow still covering the ground as we hiked on up to find the perfect spot to watch the sun emerge. When we arrived at our destination, we still had a good hour to go in order to see night disappear, so we were able to appreciate the scenery and peacefulness of nature. Once the soft colors of orange, violet, and pink announced the awaking of the sun, any worries from the bitter, cold air quickly went away.

After our hike we went to go set up our tents and prepare for the night at River Run Campground. River Run Campground had a large field perfect for playing sports and a large enough river to go swimming in. You did not have to look far to see people being enjoying themselves. People were kayaking in the river and running around playing games. Once the cookout began, we could not help having s’mores for lunch, dinner, and breakfast. Which soon led to the best conversations around the campfire because everyone was participating and we never ran out things to discuss and laughter was all around.

Maybe camping is not your type of memory you want to make, so hiking is another alternative to do. You do not have to go far to enjoy the scenery. Simply grab a couple of friends and snacks and start whatever time works for you. A couple of my friends and I went to Scott’s Run Nature Preserve where it only took about forty minutes to arrive, and it does not seem that long when you have great music playing. We were able to see streams and at the end of our hike was a waterfall. Now not all hikes are the same, so there is a surprise at every corner from encountering animals to discovering plants and new views. In some hikes you can even bring your dog. Now that you have a couple ideas for spring break, what will you do next year?





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