Students Learn Leadership Skills at DCON

Contributing Writer: Kathleen Regalado | Images: CCN —

Key Club is a worldwide organization that aims to better the world by making small changes in communities that have big effects. It is embedded in high schools so high school students can step up and make differences in their towns through volunteer work, donations, fundraising and leadership. We donate mostly to UNICEF, the Eliminate Project and March of Dimes.

From Friday, March 11th to Sunday March 13th, I had the pleasure of attending the Capital District Key Club Convention (DCON) in Baltimore, Maryland alongside other Key Club passionate members of Osbourn High School. These individuals include Ms. Rebecca Fulton, Ms. Heather Warkentein, Payton Arnold, Olivia Davis, Amanda Gough, Brandi Hart, Christine Morello, Jonathan Peters and Alyssa Raffanello. As secretary of Osbourn High School’s Key Club, I became closer with members that have the same passion for helping others.

The first day consisted of driving out of state where we finally found ourselves at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Hotel, signed in, and unpacked our bags. In between meetings and speeches my peers and I explored the hotel, established friendships with other key club members and ventured into the Baltimore Harbor! Towards the end of the night the entire conference slipped on their togas and sandals to dress for 2016’s theme–Greek Mythology. Personally, the best part of the night was the empowering speech by Scott Backovich on changing the world by changing someone else’s world first.

After indulging on a Continental breakfast, all Key Clubbers browsed the hotel amidst attending workshop sessions such as public speaking, servant leadership, the “key” to college, service projects, fundraising and a variety of contests. Osbourn’s Key Club President, Christine Morello received a Distinguished President award, and I received a Distinguished Secretary award. Conference attendees ended the day with a three course banquet meal before the long-awaited for dance–my favorite part of the trip!

DCON concluded with a final farewell breakfast and the announcement of next year’s Capital District Key Club Executive Board and Committee as well as Lieutenant Governors. It was a weekend well spent emerged in positive energy ready to take action and inspire others to help out their community.

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