CASA’s Upcoming Retro Event



Contributing Writers: Kathleen Regalado and Andrea Lopez | Images: CCN-

Manassas’ local CASA will host their 17th Annual Retro Dance Party event on April 30th, which is also their first fundraising event of the year. Meanwhile on April 14th, there was a CASA Board Meeting, covered by CCN’s own Andrea Lopez alongside with Mrs. Theresa Coates Ellis! She had the opportunity to interview CASA Board Members on their role in our community.

The main goal of CASA is to support abused and neglected children in the judicial system by serving as mentors. CASA advocates support foster children by providing them with a safe environment, keeping up with the child and making sure they live a normal life. The best interest of the child is always priority. CASA was first established in 1977 in Washington state but came to Manassas in 1994. There are currently 27 CASA’s in Virginia and our local CASA serves the most children, about 600. Our CASA is also funded by donations and fundraisers.

The Board Meeting concluded with Andrea’s announcment on CCN’s success as a Media Team. Mrs. Theresa Coates Ellis highlighted the importance on connecting the community in terms of children and education to establish grand opportunities.

We are happy to announce that we will be working with CASA by covering their  Retro Dance Party on Saturday, April 30th from 4pm-7pm!


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