Occoquan River Clean Up

IMAG0176 (1).jpg

Contributing Writers: Melianty Yularnis and Kathleen Regalado | Images: CCN–

On Saturday, April 16, the day peeked with beautiful spring weather. Interact club decided to come together on this day which enabled them to help clean the Occoquan River– a nature site that is hoped to be preserved in its beauty.

The members of the club got ready with their gloves, orange vests, and matching orange bags in hand.They prepared to get down and dirty, possibly missing a shoe in the process but in the end, they succeeded and made the community better little by little.

Volunteers assembled into groups of four then ventured out into the river bank to begin to tidy up. A small motorboat picked us up to reach our clean up area. After a hike to the river bank, we found the terrain littered with styrofoam, soda bottles, soccer balls and even old tires! Trash bag after trash bag piled up to be disposed, leaving the Occoquan river in much better shape.

It’s important to care for our environment by pausing our busy lives to indulge in nature and give back to it. Thanks to Osbourn’s Interact Club for giving CCN the opportunity to help out!



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