The OHS Lounge 2.0

Contributing Writer: Kathleen Regalado and Jesus Rojas| Images: CCN-

The Lounge was an event sponsored by Osbourn’s Eagle Writing Center (EWC) with the  purpose of showcasing student’s talents in music, singing, rapping, dancing and poetry to an eager audience. The first Lounge was such a success that the EWC is back with the Lounge 2.0, held on Friday, April 22nd. It captivated emotion and excitement from both the performers and the crowd.

 This time around was a step up from last time because seniors passionately performed what may be their last ever performance at Osbourn High School. Student Josue Sanchez covered “Bella”, the first ever song performed in Spanish at the Lounge! Jhesslyn Reyes beautifully sang “If I Could Fall In Love” by Selena with Latoya Arrington on guitar. Jefferson Urquia decided to rap about his difficulties in life in order to express his feelings in his own original rap, “My Road”. Extremely talented writer, Kirsten Ryder, recited an emotional and ominous self-written poem at the Lounge.  Jacob Tuz, Jan Rosario-Cruz and Jordan Drake concluded the Lounge 2.0 with a cover of the classic song, “Over the Rainbow”.

Overall, the Lounge 2.0 was a great way for students to get up on stage and show people what they’ve got. Osbourn High School houses such amazingly talented students!


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