CCN Appreciates Our Teachers!

Contributing Writer: Kathleen Regalado | Images: CCN–

Teacher Appreciation Week lasts from May 2nd to May 6th and empowers students of all kinds to give thanks to the hardworking teachers in their lives for encouraging learning and growth. Today, CCN thanked teachers that have had a positive impact on CCN’s work by writing them personalized thank-you cards and snapping a picture with them.

Mrs. Weaver empowers students to think outside the box artistically and strive for their full potential. She is an active follower of CCN: she comments, likes and shares many of our blog posts. Mrs. Weaver was also nominated for the 2016 Washing Post Teacher of the Year Award, which shows just how amazing she truly is.

Mrs. Hammad is appreciated by CCN because she has helped member, Andrea Lopez. She is Andrea’s co-op teacher, which allowed Andrea to maintain the CCN website and make it successful.

Ms. Misero is also an active CCN follower and has great enthusiasm towards our site. Without positive and caring teachers, CCN would not be anywhere close to where it is today.

There are so many great teachers at Osbourn High School that should be appreciated because of the hard work and dedication they have for their students and the passion they show day in and day out. Be sure to thank a teacher today!

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