Cleaning Up Cannon Ridge

Contributing Writer: Sandra Nolasco-Infante | Images: CCN–

Although Earth Day came to an end, on April 23rd, students helped clean the environment that early morning. As the clock struck 8, Osbourn’s Cheerleading team, Interact Club, and Tri-M students began the Cannon Ridge clean up project. Areas included the park, neighborhood, and creek. A little over 40 people showed up to help, even as droplets of rain sprinkled down.

After a quick bite of donuts and hot chocolate from Dunkin’ Donuts, the students quickly dispersed into teams to cover more area with trash bags by their sides. Each person wore a bright orange vest, gloves, and carried a trash grabber. After two hours of hard work the area was clean and the project was successful.

Before the students went home, they were gathered around for group photo! Every individual received two coupons for free small slurpees from 7-Eleven and was presented with a certificate from the City of Manassas for their citizenship and determination to help the community.

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