Manassass Airshow Spectacular!


Contributing Writer: Kathleen Regalado and Andrea Lopez | Images: CCN–

One of the greatest events in the city, even greater than the Christmas parade, is the Manassas Airshow at the Manassas Regional Airport. Planes soared high above the sky that breezy Spring morning!

The Airshow festivities began at 10, which included tours of the Freedom Museums. Attendees could explore the inside of jets, take pictures alongside huge airplanes, and meet the people who contribute to our military and army. Children could play on the moon bounces and afterwards eat delicious food from the local vendors such as nachos, corn dogs, subs and turkey legs with their family. CCN walked the perimeter of the festival in fascination on immense size of both the planes and the crowd. The airshow featured special guests such as Mayor Hal Parrish who made an appearance and gave a speech. Before the airshow officially started, the Patriot High School Marching Band played the National Anthem to bring everyone together by the runway.

Amidst Patriot’s Marching Band and Forest Park’s Color Guard performance riled up the crowd, three skydivers floated down, jubilantly sporting the American flag. There were photographers crowding the fence near the runway with cameras ready, excited to capture the planes.

The airshow excited the crowd as they performed, and the attendees left in awe. Overall the airshow was a grand event that brought people together to experience the grand sights that Manassas has to offer.

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