Ms. Connors joins CCN as Mr. Emanuel prepares for retirement

Contributing Writer: Kathleen Regalado | Images: CCN-

CCN is adding some fresh leadership! Ms. Theresa Coates Ellis will continue to be our business sponsor.  However, we have new officer positions and will be under the new supervision of instructor Ms. Maggie Connors for the upcoming 2016-2017 school year.

She will support CCN at Osbourn High with her expertise, a meeting room and media equipment. Ms. Connors teaches the art of ceramics and photography. Next year, she will teach commercial photography. She has two Master Degrees and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography.

Ms. Connors is from Montana and has traveled in Europe,  She was an intern for the Parliament in Dublin, Ireland! She moved to Manassas last summer with Ruari, her dog. CCN is excited to continue a new chapter in the new school year.

As Ms. Connors joins CCN, Mr. Emanuel prepares for retirement. He plans on enjoying his retirement by playing golf, traveling the world and visiting his grandchildren in Seattle. In May he became a grandfather to a baby granddaughter!

Osbourn students and alumni have developed a strong connection to Mr. Emanuel. Students call him Manny and respect him as an instructor and friend. He has been a great asset to Osbourn’s CTE program and to CCN. We will miss Manny and wish him the  best in the years to come!

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