Osbourn’s Very First Multicultural Night!


Contributing Writer: Shivani Patel and Kathleen Regalado | Images: CCN-

On Friday, May 13, 2016, Osbourn High School held its first annual Multicultural Festival hosted by the Asian Heritage Club. The night was kicked off with a buffet of foods from countries all around the world. Students contributed Hungarian falafels, Mexican arroz con leche, Chinese fried rice, Puerto Rican flan and Italian pasta. While students and parents sampled the ethnic foods, there was Korean K-Pop, Reggaeton and Indian music playing in the background to set the ambiance.

The next chapter of the festival showcased student performances. The first of the night was by Brianna Khambounheuang who performed a traditional blessing dance of Laos. Before intermission there was an extravagant fashion show full of bright and bedazzled traditional wear from different cultures. The night concluded with an interpretive dance poem performed by Jeffery Johnson and Alicia Martinez.

All cultures should be appreciated for the diversity they bring to the table and how creative the forms of expression are around the world. After all, differences enrich us all.

The night was organized by the Asian Heritage Club in partnership with the Fine and Performing Arts Department, Otaku Club, Black Heritage Club, Yearbook, Leadership, and Osbourn’s staff.

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