CCN’s Senior Celebration Dinner

Contributing Writer: Kathleen Regalado | Images: CCN–

It’s graduation season! Osbourn High School is no exception to graduation, so our fellow seniors and most of the CCN founders are off to venture the world and use their potential to make an impact. With the help of Theresa Coates Ellis, new opportunities and experiences have come the seniors’ way, creating an impression on their identity.

A club dinner was planned at Mariachi’s Tequileria and Restaurant where the CCN family devoured empanadas, chips and guac’, enchiladas and tortas! We conversed, we shared memories, we spoke about the future. It was great hearing what everyone had to say about the way CCN has impacted them while also bonding and growing closer. After dinner, CCN’s underclassmen presented the seniors with gifts of mason jars, chocolate, candles, bubble blowers and personalized graduation cards. Although the seniors are leaving us, they will be sure to keep in touch.

CCN’s seniors are moving on to do great things at great colleges. Sandra Nolasco-Infante and Gilberto Martinez are both off to James Madison University. Giuseppe Reategui, Mirna Martinez, Camille Rivera and Andrea Lopez are attending Northern Virginia Community College. Jose Lopez will attend George Mason University. Manassas knows they will succeed because the seniors have the drive in them to make big changes and experience life.



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