OHS Graduation 2016! Seniors Reign Supreme!

Contributing Writer: Melianty Yularnis and Kathleen Regalado | Images: CCN–

On the evening of June 13, 2016, students, teachers, families, City of Manassas citizens, and Osbourn High School (OHS) alumni gathered around to celebrate the Class of 2016 graduation. It’s a special day for many; the cloudless sky made for a perfect day. All the hard work from the past 13 years of education, had finally led them to this one night — where they put on their gowns, caps, and honorable stoles and cords.

“I’m graduating with my class of friends that I’ve known forever, it’s gonna be great” -Delicia Saunders

The entire audience participated in the pledge of allegiance and listened to the National Anthem. Class President, Kendall Moses, held remembrance for members of Class of 2016 who have passed. Afterwards, the Summa Cum Laude Graduates were recognized for their achievements. Senior Class Assistant Principal, Mrs. Heather Ball recognized all military service members. Speakers were inspirational with their messages to the audience and students.

“I’m feeling great that the four years of high school are finally paying off […] it’s a great day to be an eagle” -Kendall Moses

“I feel super excited to be graduating tonight even though it’s taken a really long time to sink in that we’re graduating” -Michala Stepler

The Osbourn seniors were eager to get their diplomas. One by one, speeches from OHS Principal Cathy Benner , Mayor Hal Parrish, Superintendent Dr. Magouyrk, School Board Chairman Mr. Demeria, the class Valedictorian Sophia Xiao and Salutatorian William Perez were given. They shared their memories of their class and gave insight of their hopes for the next chapter.

A night like this was filled with bittersweet emotion. There was reminiscing about the time spent together — memories to move on to the future. Although the Osbourn Class of 2016 will be greatly missed, they are just beginning their lives.

“Graduation day — a day awaited by many. It was a day filled with excitement, emotion, joy, accomplishment, and relief. Being able to capture and take part of such an honorable event was truly satisfying. It was an unforgettable night for the graduates of 2016. Congratulations! You made it! Wish you all the best !” – Peter Valadez

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