Wormy Wednesdays Hosted at Jirani Cafe!

Contributing Writer: Kathleen Regalado | Images: Amanda Delevante, Amanda Juliet Photography

Have you walked into Jirani’s Coffeehouse lately and seen children laughing and playing while being read to? What you are seeing is Carin Elliott- shes fuels young minds in our community. This Wednesday, June 22nd, Elliott’s Chrysalis Learning Exchange hosted their Wormy Wednesday reading session, full of giggles and silliness as everyone from babies to elementary schoolers enjoyed the colorful activities that powered their creativity. Mayor Hal Parrish was in attendance as he read to the children and told them stories of his son and experience piloting a plane!

Chrysalis began hosting hour long sessions from 10:30-11:30 on June 1st. These sessions are dedicated to engaging children in learning. They not only hold Wormy Wednesdays, but also host Magical Monday’s all for the love of attracting adorable little ones.

Chrysalis Learning Exchange LLC launched in January of 2015 and is based in Manassas. The lovely Carin Elliott had the vision to inspire young minds to love learning in our friendly community. She was driven to get her Master’s degree to better work with all types of children because of her work as a special education teacher in our public school system. Elliott became pregnant with her daughter, Leigh, as she was completing her studies-Leigh’s face would later be incorporated into the Chrysalis logo.

Elliot believes that each child is a genius, that each child harbors the potential to reach their personal best, whatever that may be. Chrysalis Learning Exchange and Jirani’s Coffeehouse pair together perfectly because they believe in bringing the community together through love and empowerment.

“We’re about personal best-whether it’s about a teacher, a family, a community, a child-it’s all about empowerment for us” -Carin Elliott

Stop by Jirani’s Coffeehouse  for an amazing iced coffee sometime during these hot summer days! If you know children that want fun and joy to start off their day, bring them along to Wormy Wednesdays!

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