Celebrate America! Fourth of July

Contributing Writer: Brian Timana and Melianty Yularnis | Images: CCN —

On the 4th of July, 2016, Independence day came rolling in with everyone excited to celebrate America’s Independence while also watching firework displays even as the day seemed to be gloomy, later on weather had finally settled to a calming drizzle. Manassas hosts one of the biggest firework shows in Northern Virginia- everyone came out to the celebration.

In Historic Downtown Manassas, throughout the day contests were held, such as the classic Apple Pie contest, children’s Bicycle Decorating contest, and a Watermelon Eating contest to cool off from the humid day. There were vendors all around where you could purchase funnel cake, fresh lemonade, and other foods that satisfied your hunger in anticipation of the display

The firework show started around 9 pm, everyone pulled out their blankets, chairs, and family to view the spectacular sight before them. It was a moment to commemorate this day of freedom. The environment was filled with excitement and delight as the fireworks exploded in red, white, and blue. The finale kicked off with a rapid display of bursting patriotic colors causing the crowd to be at awe.

Fireworks symbolize Independence Day for America and bring joy and patriotism.



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