Pokemon Go! Brightens Up the Summer

Contributing Writers: Melianty Yularnis and Kathleen Regalado | Images: CCN–

Pokémon GO,  just a week later, already has 7.5 million app downloads in the United States alone. It was released in the United States on Wednesday, July 6, 2016. Remarkably, it led people of all ages to come out of their homes and play the Real World Adventure game using real world locations. This encourages players to play a game that involves going out and exploring their own towns.

Exploring towns and cities can lead players, which are called trainers in the game, to PokéStops that provide the trainers with potions, eggs, boost-ups and pokéballs. PokéStops are typically historical landmarks and locations in your town and serve as a great way to get to know your town more by rewarding you with Pokémon items!

Pokémon tend to pop up on your screen, then using pokéballs, you must capture them. Pokémon can also be hatched from eggs- to do so the player must walk a certain distance, whether it be 2 km, 5 km or 10 km. No cheating-you can’t hatch your eggs from driving, you have to walk! This is a revolutionary game that encourages players to get out there, be active and social all while having fun.

The game allows you to customize your character and choose your starting Pokémon from a Charmander, Bulbasaur, or Squirtle. Once you get to level 5, you can join a team and battle other players at gyms that are all over the place, such as: the malls, museums, and libraries.

Historic Downtown Manassas, a popular site, features up to 10+ PokéStops that trainers can walk to and explore. Players gather around with friends to capture wild Pokémon. The main objective of the game is to “Catch ‘Em All”- to capture all the Pokémon the game provides.

Through Pokémon Go, trainers get on their feet, indulge in the summer weather, and interact with their environment and community, meeting new Pokémon fans along the way.

With upcoming updates, the idea of ‘trading’ within the game will come forth in which trainers can interact with each other and trade their Pokémon. The game developers may be tweaking the game to improve the PokéStops and Gyms.

Old Town Manassas is the epicenter for Pokémon, therefore, people have taken their time to explore our Historic city and have brought business with them. Fun follows every Pokémon fan that strolls through town searching for Pokémon, but end up finding much more.

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