Friends of CCN bond through Pokémon GO!

Contributing Writer: Kathleen Regalado | Images: CCN-

CCN Members invited two Metz Middle School students and an international student for a fun afternoon of Pokemon GO! hunting, as well as Tony’s New York Pizza.  CCN Manassas is building relationships!.

Denisa Rusydi is an international student from Indonesia and is the cousin of CCN member, Melianty. She will be an upcoming senior at Osbourn High School and is excited to live and learn in the United States for the next year.

Lianty Yularnis, the younger sister of Melianty is a Metz student eager to write stories and take pictures for CCN when she enters high school. Kevin Michael Regalado, Kathleen Regalado’s younger brother also attends Metz Middle school; he has enthusiasm for exploring and enjoys attending local events that CCN Manassas covers because he thinks they’re fun!

International and Metz Middle School students are openly welcome to be “friends” of the CCN team as long as they are connected to a current CCN member. Hopefully our summer guests will eventually join CCN to further grow and promote the beauty of Manassas. If you qualify as a friend of CCN, apply now!

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