CCN curates positive content with Potomac Local during Summer break

Contributing Writer: Kathleen Regalado | Images: CCN —

CCN has come a long way! We have embedded ourselves into a community network. Team CCN began the next chapter of our media experience during summer break.

Uriah Kiser, Potomac Local News, had contacted our new officers and our club sponsor, Ms.Theresa Coates Ellis, to meet at the Jirani Coffeehouse. After a fun game of UNO between Melianty Yularnis, Stephanie Mora, and Kathleen Regalado, CCN met with Ms. Ellis and Mr. Kiser to discuss blog views, content for a good positive story and journalism. The interview experience was insightful and rewarding because it offered new perspectives for CCN to create “Featured Stories.”

Mr. Kiser complimented our work and offered us an opportunity to share community ideas and content to allow us to network, build relationships and increase online views and community participation.

Publishing positive stories and events in the community are the main goal of this collaboration with Potomac Local, a business, and students. Mr. Kiser offered tips and advice on good journalism and sources.
Our story, “Celebrate America,” was a shared story that increased online views. Our statistics since inception (May 2015) had 65,823 views. The first year — 2015 had 30,703 views. So far from Jan. to August 2, 2016, CCN had 35,120.
CCN, Osbourn Eagles, City of Manassas Public Schools are voices in our community to provide ideas on school and city events. Team CCN is excited about this new opportunity to learn and gain experience with this professional news source in Manassas.

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