Manassas Fire Rescue Camps!

Contributing Writer: Kathleen Regalado | Images: CCN–

Have you seen smoke clouds near Osbourn High School or the Manassas Fire Department with no sirens signaling a firetruck on the way? It’s because those fires and smoke clouds are intentional all for the purpose of brave high school students putting them out. This will be the third year the fire camps will train both Freshmen and Sophomores in fire and rescue situations such as firefighting methods, how to search and rescue others when in fire danger in addition to learning about the techniques and importance of firefighting volunteers. The camp participants will be certified in CPR by the end of the camp.

Yvonne Cruz participated in the first Manassas fire camp session, and stated that: “It was a good life experience that showed what being a firefighter EMT can be like.”

I attended one of the sessions where I had a first-hand look at what the camp was like and how the students interacted with their equipment and mentors. Armies of ash filled the air as the adolescents strategized on how to extinguish the flames. Everyone seemed enthusiastic for what was to come every moment with the newfound knowledge of how hard firefighters work.

The future of our fire department as well as the future ventures of Osbourn High School students is improved because of the establishment of the fire camps. These camps have enriched our city as well as education.

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