August’s First Friday + Dog Contest!

Contributing Writer: Kathleen Regalado | Images: CCN–

If you weren’t aware, Old Town Manassas holds a celebration every First Friday of the Month! This is a tradition across America where cities host art galleries, block parties, music performances and social networking.

Manassas’ First Friday of August was the first time CCN stopped by and strolled around town. Our city’s First Friday was so lively and engaging, we couldn’t believe such fun is scheduled every month in Manassas!

During this First Friday, Manassas celebrate Dog Days of Summer in which dogs could win contests and roam the streets of our Historic Downtown amongst children and others citizens. At times you could find a dog that has a leash on it saying, “Ask about me”; they were cute, loving dogs that were up for adoption everywhere.

CCN loved the event as we snapped pictures, played dominoes, and explored the streets. There were people dressed from the 19th Century to represent the history of Manassas and featured a street auction on painting and artwork by the ArtBeat Gallery.

Throughout the afternoon, members from the Police Department, Fire and Rescue, and city officials stood by the Harris Pavilion to answer any questions you may have about our city. The month of August’s First Friday was CCN’s first experience of the event and it was magical and enlightening the entire time. Be sure to take a stroll and enjoy our beautiful City of Manassas on September’s First Friday, on the 2nd!








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