Teachers New School Year Kicks In

Contributing Writer: Melianty Yularnis | Images: CCN–

On August 22, 2016, Manassas City Public School (MCPS) employees gathered together once again at the Hylton Performing Arts Center for the annual Convocation. Everyone was full of excitement days for the new school year. Breakfast was served by the Manassas City Public School Education Foundation (MCPSEF) board members with Dunkin Donuts and home-made goodies by Jhenny Michalek.

For the opening, Almeta Radford welcomed the audience and began with the Pledge of Allegiance that was led by The N.E.S.T. of Osbourn High School Class of 2029. Followed with the National Anthem, sung by Enrico Gargarin, a senior from Osbourn High School. The crowd joined in to the voice, representing their pride.

“Great gathering of the minds of Manassas” Jeane Ryder

Sponsored speakers shared their thoughts and ideas. Heather Aram from Novant Health who shared her insight on the key source of health and its contribution to individuals or others. Another sponsor that spoke for the advocates is Jhenny Michalek from Frank’s Auto Service. She elaborated on the powerful impact education and hard work have in developing the lives of others.

Followed with by the sponsored speakers were Tim Demeria, MCPS Board Chairman and Elizabeth Via-Grossman, 1st Vice President MCPSEF.

Demeria pressed upon the idea that, “The most important people in the school are these teachers. Schools are crucial to living a successful life.”

He also spoke to the teachers, “You are the reason that scores go up and children are doing so well.”

Via-Grossman said, “Sponsors aid in giving grants and scholarships to programs and students.”

“It’s been a relaxing summer, but I am excited for a new year.” -Erin Kafuncher, Mayfield Intermediate School 

This year was themed as The Power of a Teacher, written by the with Keynote speaker, Adam Saenz, an author and teacher who speaks about how teachers impact and change the lives of students. Key advocates touch a student directly for prosperity with education.

“One of my former students is now a part of the Metz staff. That is how I know I made the right choice.” -Pat Riley, Metz Middle School

Dr. Catherine Magouryk, the MCPS Superintendent, announced the positive change going on with in this school year, such as partnering with K-12 and giving teachers a card for 2 hours of free time.

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