Summer Wrap Up: Civil War Weekend

Contributing Writer: Melianty Yularnis | Images: CCN–

On August 26-28, 2016, Manassas City held their Annual Civil War Weekend. A weekend to commemorate a time in history that took place where we live now. You could indulge yourself in the history, interacting with your family, fun activities and things to see.

There were featured Living History re-enactors that walked around everywhere with a story to tell about real life people alive during the Civil War, dressed from the past with beautiful full dresses and attires worn in battle. Throughout the day, there were featured demonstrations of Artillery and Weapons and Firing Demonstrations. Learn the real deal of how the soldiers worked as actors talked us through the process of firing a weapon or equipment. They also had exhibits, displays, historians, and activities to do all day.

That Saturday morning, the day kicked off with a short parade that featured all the living history re-enactors walking through Historic Downtown Manassas. It was quick but exciting to get to see all of them in one spot. After the parade, a firing demonstration was featured in front of the museum that signaled the day to be a Big BANG!

Throughout the day, Wagon Rides came back and forth between the Manassas Museum and Liberia Plantation. Free trips were offered back and forth so that those interested could check out more history and freely get back as many times as they desired.  There were fun games you could participate in, such as becoming an undercover spy in the Civil War after given you questions to ask about the life as a child spy in the past. The fun resulted in a mysterious cookie and creating your own WANTED poster.

The Civil War Weekend went well with a curtsy to history, leaving everyone with an exciting experience.

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