Color Vibe 5K Run

Contributing Writer: Kathleen K. Regalado | Images: CCN-

Do you know someone who participated in the Color Vibe Run this Saturday, or did you participate in it yourself? The Color Vibe brings people together annually to make it through 5 kilometers of colorful sweat and fun memories. This is the second time CCN Manassas has covered this event!

The race started off with a crowd of people standing at the start line in bright tutus and ribbons and plain white shirts ready to get powdered in clouds of color. As soon as the 5K began, runners had splattered clothes and hair covered in yellow, purple, blue and pink powder. The race started in Jennie Dean Elementary and looped back around to the finish line.

Afterwards, participants were greeted in applause and congrats from family members and fellow runners and rejoiced by taking group pictures and showing off plenty of smiles. The DJ livened up the runners after the run by playing great hip hop and hosting amazing dances. There were beach balls and a handfuls of extra color powder to throw around.

Don’t miss out next year to join in on the extravagant fun of the Color Vibe 5K here in Manassas!

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