Manassas’ 13th Annual International Food Festival

Contributing Writer: Melianty Yularnis | Images: CCN–

Saturday, September 17 was a bright and cool day for everyone to come and check out the 13th Annual International Food Festival. The Harris Pavilion was covered with flags from countries all over the world. It featured music from all over the world and beautifully expressed cultures. It welcomed people to get up and dance, enjoying the liveliness.

There was food sold at the side of the Pavillion that came from different parts of the world, such as Romanian and Greek so that your tastebuds could try something new. Full of joy and laughter, there were other activities to do also. You could have joy and laughter while playing badminton or chess with friends and family.

The festivity and food was a moment to enjoy and relax for a day of something new.

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